About us


Since 2015, Johan Törnqvist, a physician specialising in psychiatry has work with a digital project called Whale on the Moon with the aim of stimulating children’s learning and development. The project has gradually taken shape since then and we will do our best to produce playful and engaging games for as many children as possible.


Our vision is to make the educational games available to all children in a global perspective and to contribute to a better society as a result of learning.

Core values

  • All children have the ability to learn if they are given the right conditions.
  • The UN Declaration of Human Rights, the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). We will do our best not to discriminate children on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, social background or learning difficulties.
  • Whale on the Moon aims to be independent


We will focus on offering games for children aged 3-12 that promote learning and development. The games will primarily target the areas of language and communication. Examples include fostering children’s ability to understand and recognise words, learning to pronounce words, learning to read to read and spell, learning terms, and promoting preschool and school skills. The games will be translated into several languages over time, which will result in the games not only being of interest for learning one’s native language, but also for learning foreign languages.

We have a scientific perspective and strive to base the games on the best available knowledge in psychology and education when developing them.

We work on the basis of equality and diversity and will do our best to ensure that content does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, social background and learning difficulties.


Our aim is to make educational games available to as many people as possible. Initially, the educational games will be made available via the App Store and Google Play. Most of the games will be freely available from the start and in the future we also hope to gradually increase the number of freely available educational games.

Who owns Whale on the Moon?

Whale on the Moon is currently owned by the company Psykolog- och Läkartjänst i Karlshamn AB, Sweden, which has the Swedish corporate ID number 556771-2160. More information about the company is available at www.psykologochlakartjanst.se.


Whale on the Moon is funded by the founder and has also received financial support from ALMI corporate partner, Blekinge County Administrative Board and the Swedish Institute of Assistive Technology. We are grateful for all the contributions we have received, which have made it possible to launch the first version of the service during 2015.

The objective is that the Whale on the Moon project will in the future become a profitable and independent operator with good sustainability over a longer perspective, thus creating the conditions for achieving our vision of providing learning and development opportunities for all children.