Minilobes ABC (ENG)

Minilobes ABC (ENG)

Concept and content

When you are asked a question and point at the right picture you get a knowledge ball. You need to obtain several knowledge balls in order to complete a letter round. If you collect enough knowledge balls, the letters change their appearance and will eventually become golden.

There are seven different groups containing all the letters in the alphabet. Different questions are asked about the various letters. The main goals of the game are recognising upper case/lower case letters, learning how to pronounce letters, and recognising the first letter in a word and also the letter that comes next.

You can also touch the letter boxes on the start page to investigate which objects are hiding inside each letter box. Try to remember all the objects behind each letter.

Minilobes ABC features:

  • Letter boxes with 80 pictures of objects to recognise and pronounce on the start page
  • The Minilobes characters
  • Nice illustrations and background music
  • All the letters are included and the pictures depict nouns
  • Knowledge balls that can be collected in order to change the appearance of the letters
  • Safe and child-friendly design
  • No third party advertising
  • No in-app purchases
  • Intended for children aged 4-8
  • Intended for children aged 6-12 if the language is not their native language

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