Minilobes – Which one does not belong?

Minilobes – Which one does not belong?

Concept and content

If you point at the object which does not belong together with the others, you get a star. You collect stars together with the Minilobes by learning which objects do and do not belong together.

“Which does not belong” features:

  • The Minilobes characters
  • Three difficulty levels. The first level is very clear and the three things that belong together are identical. The second level has different but still clearly distinguishable objects, while level three is a little more complex
  • Nice illustrations and background music
  • A storytelling voice that helps children through the game
  • All the pictures represent nouns
  • More than 300 pictures of objects in a wide range of combinations
  • Safe and child-friendly design
  • No third party advertising
  • No in-app purchases
  • Intended for children aged 3-7

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