Minilobes Picturebox

Minilobes Picturebox

Concept and content

When you point at a picture you hear a voice that tells you what is shown on the picture and how to spell it. You practice recognising and pronouncing all the words together with the Minilobes.

Picturebox features:

  • The Minilobes Characters
  • More than 120 different words to understand and pronounce
  • Nice illustrations and background music
  • A storytelling voice that helps children say the words
  • The words appear after the picture has been tapped
  • All the words are nouns
  • Simple words, 120 common words grouped using the eight categories Animals, Clothes, Food, Furniture, Music, Tools, Toys and Vehicles
  • Safe and child-friendly design
  • No third party advertising
  • No in-app purchases
  • Intended for children aged 2-4

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