Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy was last updated on 2 March 2015.

When you visit us at we want you to feel safe and secure in terms of your personal details. We have therefore established this Privacy Policy, in which we describe how personal data is processed on our website and in our games.

Website traffic statistics

We store statistics about how our visitors use our website solely in order to improve the service we provide. We do this using Google Analytics. However, we never store information about you as an individual so it is never possible for a third party or us to access personal data and identify individuals visiting our website.

Handling of location information

We do not collect, use or disseminate your location information on our website or in our games.

Handling of information from game users
We never analyse or track personal information from people who play our games.

We will not in any way save personal data, in our games or where you download the games. We will also never save user data for dissemination to third parties.

No additional software from third parties is installed by our games.

Regarding advertising from third parties

Our games do not contain any direct advertising from third parties. In the future, we may work with “product sponsorship”, i.e. that another company’s logo may appear on our website or in connection with a game starting. We sometimes also provide information about other games from Whale on the Moon within our games. In such cases we put this information in a protected and separate location in the game. The aim is that children will not be able to access this information by mistake.

Links to external websites in games

We sometimes have a link to our Whale on the Moon website in our games, or links to our Facebook page and our other games. We also place these links in protected areas so children cannot access them by mistake.

In-game purchases

Purchases cannot be made from within the games.

Push notifications in the apps

Our apps do not issue any push notifications.

Our games usually do not require an Internet connection

You do not need to be connected to the Internet for the games to work, unless you play versions that are made available via the website.

Feel free to contact us
If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, you are welcome to send an email to